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Originally Posted by redir View Post
It looks like it slipped when he was clamping it up. But if he used a good epoxy then that's probably why it's held together so long. It's probably finished with Nitro. You can test that by removing one of the tuners and checking to see if the finish melts with a lacquer thinner.

Black is very forgiving to touch up. You can fill that with epoxy, level sand and spray with black nitro. Mack off areas you don't want over spray and try to thin the finish to zero, IOW don't spray right over masking tape else you will have a ledge.

FOr the back side you could just fill and spray black too, it would look different but certainly better anyway.
Thanks, would paint thinner/mineral spirits work to test to see if it's lacquer? Because I used some paint thinner on a q-tip and can rub for 45 seconds and nothing came mark on guitar and q-tip is still white. I hope it is nitro, I have a rattle can in black already

I agree it looks like it slipped when clamped, but it's held through different tuning and string changes, so I think it should be okay.
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