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Originally Posted by Muddslide View Post
I bet it will feel very good to you both.

Libraries enjoy getting book donations if they are in good shape. CDs and DVDs/Blu-Rays as well.

They may not end up in the collection but if not, they will end up in a library book sale which also helps the library and, by extension, the community.

You might want to check ABE Books online if you think you might have anything valuable. A lot of books that are certain editions or which are out of print can fetch quite a bit.

You didn't ask, but I'm going on:

Larger items like furniture and things such as clothes, kitchenware, assorted miscellany, can be donated. Some places will even pick up the things you are parting with, and Goodwill at least if not other places will give you a form that allows you to write off your donation on your taxes.

Good luck and congratulations on retirement. I will likely have to work until the day I drop.
I cleared my momís house this summer. She was a lifelong reader but also in charge of her townís Friends of the Library book sale. I donated most of her books.

The furniture went to a local charity that picked it up. Stuff they didnít want I gave to friends and to a thrift shop that picked it up.

The process took a while. But I was really happy to see my momís stuff go where it was needed.

Muddslideís advice is good. ABE books is a great resource if you think youíve got a valuable book.

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