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Its a good show , but you should take away some things from it and not treat it like its the bible . My family and i piled up our clothes on the bed and sorted them - It actually works , if It didn't fit or out of style or i haven't worn it in a long time -its going to charity . We also did this with dressers full of assorted stuff , and under the bed . i started on one of my book cases yesterday and got rid of about 40 books - I'm an artist and need references , but some of it i have out grown and it needs to be someone else's . I like the idea of less is more , or less to worry about -i also found some clothes i forgot about and now can wear them . I have some great books -that are going to stay - But I'm going to try very hard to limit anything i buy that's not necessary , I'm also going to try and borrow the books i want to read from the library - Now I've laid down the law about my instruments - but i am seriously considering selling 3-4 of them to lighten the load . It actually makes me feel good to get rid of stuff -
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