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Originally Posted by Carbonius View Post
I think my only concern with the Timberline Harp guitar is the 24.9 scale length. I tend to run a 56 E string on a 25.5 scale length (light top medium bottom) so I'm a little concerned.
I'm a DADGAD player that uses medium gauge strings (013, 017, 056) for the down-tuned strings and light gauge (024, 032, 042) for the "standard-tuned" strings. Personally I don't consider or characterize 24.9" as "short scale." I'm pretty sure that most of the Seagull/Godin line uses a 24.9" scale, at least the ones that I have played, and I had no issues with them.

When the distance, on a 25.5" scale acoustic, between the nut and the 2nd fret (ie. a whole tone) is 2.78" then a scale length shortened by only 0.5" to 0.6" seems to me to be pretty inconsequential. If players like Larry Pattis, who plays real short-scale guitars (24" as I recall, and that 1.5" shorter scale is more than the distance between the nut and first fret on a 25.5" scale) doesn't have any issues with DADGAD then I'm not expecting any!

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