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Thanks for that detailed explanation Phil. Sorry I didn't get it at first. Sorry that I put up some really long posts. Sorry for... I just displayed another canadianism there. Overly apologizing for no apparent reason!

I think my only concern with the Timberline Harp guitar is the 24.9 scale length. I tend to run a 56 E string on a 25.5 scale length (light top medium bottom) so I'm a little concerned. However I really like how short scales sweetens up the treble strings and warm up the tone overall. From what I can tell every Timberline instrument has a 24.9 scale length so it's just what they do. That being said, they should have the experience to get the most out of a short scale guitar.

All in all it's a very exciting time in the harp guitar world. We've got Emerald and Tonedevil offering production instruments at a good price. Now Timberline brings in some great minds to in the design and offers a production harp guitar at less than the price of the competition! Good times!

Speaking of production harp guitars whatever happened to Holloway? It seems like there was a lot of talk about them a few years back and then it just stopped. None for sale anywhere other then the rare used one.
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