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I'll add my opinion to this. I found walnut very easy to bend. It is not oily like rosewood and pore filling is a snap. I used bloodwood binding on my last build and won't be using it again. Looks great but breaks too easily, even with great care. I built a thickness sander following plans either here or over at OLF. A very useful tool that will serve you well for many years.i like the idea of a go bar deck and it will be the next tool I build. A Parrot vice is a great asset. My first was a kit and it was a good learning experience. Take a look at KMG and Blues Creek. Both reputable kits that approach from different directions. I'm using a bending iron from LMI and a propane tank for side and trim bending. I find it a rewarding way to build. If I were going to make more than a couple guitars a year I would probably make a Fox style bending jig. It's expensive even if you build it yourself. I've got some real good deals on lightly used tuners through the classified on this site. I wish I could afford a bigger and better band saw.i have yet to get a handle on dust control. Something to consider early on. Guitar finishing is an entirely different and for me difficult side of building. Enjoy the journey.
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