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Cool Ha!

Originally Posted by PorkPieGuy View Post
Yup, I bought one of those too!

A few years ago, my older brother gave me all of his vinyl, as well as all his turntable accessories... and lo and behold! He had an original version of what your picture shows (Discwasher?), still in the wood grained cardboard box it came in, along with a separate big bottle of the fluid... the thing even has the instructions in the box! (My bro' is a bit compulsive/obsessive about some things!)

Had to laugh when I saw your picture...

VERY glad that someone brought up the terrible idea of using a coin on the tonearm... it will rip up the grooves of your records. However, I will say that, back in the late 60's, I was involved in a "business commune" where we made very high-quality 8 track tapes... part of the process involved getting a really good reel-to-reel tape copy at 15 ips.

Some vinyl just has anomalies, cracks and noise that are consistent within an entire pressing... to get a good copy of certain records or tracks within a record, we would sometimes use a dime on the tonearm of an AR turntable... only ONCE, though. With the additional weight of the dime, crackles and pops were largely negated, so a good recording could be made...
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