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Thanks for the input everyone. I guess this points to the best way for getting to know someone's preferences is to put a guitar in their hand and ask what do you like and what would you change. So having a number of my guitars on hand would be a great help for studio visits as well as shows.

I had written earlier that I have scheduled 4 builds already. Here is what I am planning this winter to work on;

Pina Parlor with quilted Redwood on flamed Claro Walnut

Penelope 12 fret with Swiss Spruce on Black Gabon Ebony

Greta grand auditorium with Western Red Cedar on BRW

Josie small jumbo with quilted and bear claw Sitka on quilted Big Leaf Maple

I think that, while there may not be 12, this is a pretty good assortment of what I do. There will be a lot of different options used with these as well.

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