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FWIW, they look like lovely tuners, but from the photos I have seen I can't tell if the bushings they will require are just push-in bushings or if they screw and tighten to the back-plate. I tend to think the former may be true.

If tuners are not 3-on-a-plate design, I prefer ones that have an integrated bushing that screws to the back-plate. Recently I have tried Sperzel locking tuners which not only look great (gold plated) but they are ridiculously quick to change strings and quick to use when tuning. There is a small trick with the locking tuners, however, in that you need to give enough slack so that there is at least a half wrap around the tuner post so that when tuning up and down for alternate tunings, the kink in the string (as it comes out of the post-hole) isn't bent back and forth, otherwise you will continually break strings. The Sperzel tuners are a bit heavier than some others, and this may or may not be the preference of some owners and builders.

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