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Auto body filler might be a good idea to fill out spots. I just set up the sander and put a coarse grit sandpaper on the base raising it more as it took off the high spots. Didn't have quite that much to straighten out but that is just a little more time.

Still would not bother doing the combined impeller thing. I did make up a couple for some heat treating furnaces and learned a bit about it. Find an old furnace, call up a heating-AC company and get the blower from one they replaced. Then you can use your dust collection for other tools also.

The dimmer voltage control might not be a good idea, the motor generates a back EMF (fancy name for a voltage) which counteracts the voltage being supplied. The slower the speed the less EMF it produces compared to the voltage coming in. The bigger the difference between them the more current gets drawn. This is what gives you your power but it also heats up the windings. Better to use the right size shiv.

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