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A little trick I found when making my rollers was after a ton of sanding, I chalked the roller to see the low and high spots, put wood putty in the low spots, let dry and re sanded, sped up the process a lot. I use the hook and loop on mine, the Velcro is thick and does help.

Only other minor issue I found on mine was I had to shim one of the pillow blocks up to match the exact height of the table.

Charles, now that you've gone high tech how much time do you save thickness sanding a top or back set? I like my homemade thickness sander, but it sure does take time.


btw Nick, how do you plan on adjusting your table height?
Also do you any auctions near where you live? I was at one sat. and they had 4 electric motors from 1/3 h to 1 horse and they went for $10.00 each.
I'm not a luthier...luthier's know what they are doing.

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