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Originally Posted by RRuskin View Post
What is described above is a "balance" control. It will allows for biasing the sound from one side or the other to whatever degree desired but it cannot change the width of the field.
Agreed, that's what I've been trying to explain. There is no "panning" of a stereo signal, and the control on most DAWs that acts as a "pan" on a mono track becomes a "balance" on a stereo track, just like the Left/Right balance on your car stereo. The problem with recording two separate mono tracks on most computer DAWs is that all the nice stereo plugins expect to work on a single stereo track. You can use busses, etc, but for solo guitar, it seems easier to me to just use a single stereo track. In any case, I'm still puzzling over why we've now had a dozen posts about "panning" :-) It's a non-sequiter for a simple stereo acoustic guitar recording.
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