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It looks fantastic! you should be proud. When I did finish for the first time (french polish), the surfaces I futzed with the most, in order to make them look the most clean as I was working on them, turned out in the end looking the worst. overall, I got a good and presentable result, but I overworked it and overthought it, making it all go on longer than it should have. I learned you just have to put it down well, and deliberately, and rub it out. (or buff, as the case may be).

it's funny how when you're building something, those little spots where things didn't go as well as you wanted them to, continue to stick out in your consciousness, but most everyone else seems to not notice. it's like a curse. on my #1 I pieced a couple of pieces of purfling together, and it makes me cringe when I look at it, but when I show it to people now and mention that, they'll always say, "wait, where is it?"

your guitar looks amazing and it's going to be a keeper. fantastic job, and it all goes together visually. love it!
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