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Ferg, what youíre saying seems to be the very best route but honestly Iíve been putting it off, as itís scary to even think about how to sync it. Also, I want something simple enough for my kid to use. Iíll try a couple of the inexpensive options that Ty suggested and if it comes down to it Iíll give in to the H2 method. Thank you very much.

Ty, I do like the way you lay out the options. Itís very clear. Thanks for that. If this doesnít work for me Iíll go down the list until something becomes acceptable. Except for the Rode NT-4 bit. They are 500 bucks! I would probably try the SPSM-16 for $20 since Fran had good luck with it.

Bob, Sick? I assume thatís a good thing these days! Thank you for watching. Itís my boy ďAdamĒ playing that. He is the only reason that I do anything with guitar these days. He and I work on guitar every chance we get and he is the reason that Iím looking into this recording set up. The kid has composed a number of instrumentals using our Taylor acoustic. I have to work harder to record something like that. With an electric guitar the distortion seems to mask the poor audio recordings. The kid is mostly into acoustic these days so here I am.

Since you asked about the video here you go... A year or so back some guys on a guitar forum were talking about learning to play Eruption. I learned that among electric guitarist itís a mile marker of some sort. Everyone had tried to learn it at some point but only a few had gotten through it. Anyways, some of the guys on the forum decided to put 2 weeks work into revisiting the song. My son listened to EVH for the first time and his little eyes glossed over with amazement. He wanted to learn it but I told him it was too hard and that he was setting unrealistic expectations for his level of experience. He also had other obligations like guitar lessons to keep up with and school too. He insisted that he wanted to at least give it a try. Well, after exactly 14 days of him abusing the Mexican Strat he proved my parenting skills wrong and I grabbed a camera and posted our progress for the guys to see. NEVER doubt the power that EVH has over a 9yr old boyís brain! Oh yea, another word of advice, never ever try to have an intelligent conversation with a 9yr old playing eruption! You will lose out big time.

Itís certainly not what heís put most of his music work into but itís one of his favorite accomplishments and I actually learned a lot of other things from that experience too. So, we posted it on the homepage of his youtube channel for everyone to see and thatís what you watched.

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