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The Kodak appears to be mono and I doubt it's a balanced input, but it might be. The fact that it doesn't say leads me to believe that it's not balanced. The 1/8" adapter is TRS. No way of knowing whether or not they continued the three conductor circuit path to the 1/8" TRS plug. Kodak doesn't reveal whether the jack is wired to accept a TRS plug or whether that will be a problem.
First of all, Thanks for the explanation. My knowledge and understanding of mics is embarrassingly low in comparison to yours so please forgive me if I say anything too stupid here. I just spent 30 minutes researching TRS vs. TS and even with that I only have a rote understanding at best!

I’ve found many references that the Zi8 accepts a “stereo” mic. This makes me think that the 1/8” stereo adaptor would be OK but I don’t know.

I did find this statement in the online extended user guide: Your camera has a built-in mono microphone. Use an external stereo microphone (optional, with a 3.5 mm jack)

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