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According to the company: This adaptor is designed to match 600R output impedance to 2.5K input impedance. It may be used to connect a microphone to a portable recording device, camcorder, or PC.

From Shure, "The SM58: Rated impedance is 150 ohms (300 ohms actual) for connection to microphone inputs rated low impedance." That's not strictly the 600 Ohm source expected by the transformer. Can't find the input impedance of the Kodak, so, really, all bets are off because that's not what this transformer was designed to do.

The Kodak appears to be mono and I doubt it's a balanced input, but it might be. The fact that it doesn't say leads me to believe that it's not balanced. The 1/8" adapter is TRS. No way of knowing whether or not they continued the three conductor circuit path to the 1/8" TRS plug. Kodak doesn't reveal whether the jack is wired to accept a TRS plug or whether that will be a problem.

My point is, I doubt you need the transformer and you should find out how the input jack is wired. (Well, you will on Xmas morning.) If the cable works to some degree, I'd try one without the transformer and observe the difference.. If it doesn't work, or works poorly, it's probably the transformer or the three conductors of the TRS plug going into an unbalanced mono input. (Again, we don't really know the wiring of the Koadak input jack or its impedance. I have seen videos online in which the mic used is a Rode VideoMic. The Rode VideoMic is a specially wired 1/8" TS plug. Unbalanced two conductor, not balanced three conductor.

Good luck!


Ty Ford
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