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I concur with FrankHS.

It is trial and error to find out what works best for your playing position, your body, and the angle of attack you will be using the most.

In my practice, I find for classical, I like the white of my nails to be about 4-5mm at the center of my fingertip, and 5-6mm for my thumb. For flamenco, I tend to prefer everything being 1-1.5mm shorter.

I only spoke about length above. The angle of the right hand is different for classical and flamenco, so I do shape my nails differently depending on if I'm playing more classical or more flamenco at the time. Figuring out the right shape is also part of the trial and error process.

Or you could go be a disciple of Sor and go without nails. I imagine your right hand will hurt much like our left hands do when we all first started our guitar journeys, but the callouses will come :-)

If you keep the nails, I recommend keeping them slightly longer than necessary. Just slightly. That way when you get nicks in them (as we all do), you can safely file and polish them out.
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