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Originally Posted by rokdog49 View Post
While the mandated “prohibition of building fossil fuel vehicles” in certain places seems admirable to some, it will be many many decades before those are completely gone.
I won’t be around to see the “great battery disposal crisis.”
It is important to be mindful of what Hans Rosling RIP called gapminder problems. Lots of matters are not two choices or divisions. We let or don't know we are being influenced by cognitive biases.

A mandated prohibition of fossil fuel vehicle can only work in the minds of poorly informed and paranoid people because the whole auto industry isn't doing that and can't even if they wanted to. However, we might see history repeat where some regulations nudge us towards better practices where it makes sense.

For some comfort and good support on this consider the good Bloomberg article I've posted before surveying all the automakers. Only a few are going all electric. All of them are stating 10-20 years to reach new goals.

For more support on the pace of change, I've posted about the fresh $ billions GM and Stellantis have just spent on new gasoline engine families barely put in product yet.

The great battery disposal crisis is not for cars or many first tier products where we already have a nascent recycling industry and full product manufacturing and life cycle to keep materials in the supply chain. The worry will be some cheaper thing people buy or dispose, and lower tier consumer products.

When the products are ready or viable in transportation we'll likely see huge changes. That will be history repeating much like my town no longer has lectors and lamplighters.
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