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Originally Posted by jim1960 View Post
I have a few templates, one for songs that have drums, one for songs without, and one for mastering. A folder might be useful for the template with drum tracks but I've never gotten around to learning about them. I'm going to change that in the near future because I have a feeling some tasks I did in that session today could have been done faster.
I do something similar with templates One for guitar and vocals --One for guitar, vocals, and VI 's (like strings, keyboards etc.) and one for guitar, vocals, VI's, and VI Drums.

For me Routing Folders are one of those things that once I started using them I would not want to be without

Now be aware in Pro Tools there are two types of folders
Basic Folders --- and Routing Folders

Myself I only use the Routing Folders and like DupleMeter they have replaced all my Aux tracks except for the parallel Reverb track and my "2 Mix" (main sub bus track )

Later this week I will post some more screen shots or maybe even a short screen video of how I use them
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