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Originally Posted by Gdjjr View Post
String change: Changing strings is a royal PITA- I searched you tube and didn't find anything to make it easier. Any tips?
Bending a curl at the end of the strings at the ball end helps them stay on the little tailpiece pins. I always do that.

I think some capo the strings half-way the fretboard, keeping the length from the capo to the bridge and Bigsby tailpiece tight before clamping with the capo. Then the slack between the capo and the tuning machines is tightened up and when the capo is removed the whole string is taunt enough no falling off the pins.

There's a little gizmo called the Spoiler from Vibramate that makes string changes a breeze. It hooks on the pins and then presents a more conventional ball end slot for the strings to sit in. Makes string changes as easy as any other guitar with a tailpiece.
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