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Default Cordobas

I played a variety of nylons, including older model Martins, Yamahas, Ibanez, as well as Taylor and Rodriquez. I then tried many Cordobas and like the following quite a bit: C7, GK Studio and Orchestra 12. Many included electronics, not a purist approach, but I liked the results. While I generally do not like a single source, UST approach for steel string, I found the nylons to be much more pleasing than steel strings when using only a UST for amplification. Of course, they still do not sound like a miked guitar.

If you do not need amplification or want to add it, the C7 is a very good choice, provided you play it before buying (quality varied slightly). I found one GK Studio, with Fishman electronics (mike + UST), and it was stunning unamplified (for Flamenco), with gorgeous, golden, straight grained cypress, and it sounded very good amplified. Unfortunately, I played another that was quite average when unamplified, made from visually unimpressive cypress.

I then played a rosewood B/S, cedar top Orchestra 12, with Fishman UST electronics and volume/tone controls concealed on the rim of the soundhole, and the guitar is not a cutaway and has a crossover nut width (1 7/8"). Traditional look, simple amplification and really nice finish work, including the frets and neck (it also has a truss rod). Really well made and very balanced sound. Projection is very good but does not compete with the best (guitars above $2,500). I really like this guitar. It is truly a joy to play.
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