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Default PRS strats

Iíve gotta say I own a DC3, NF3, and Brent Mason signature PRS and they are all killer strat type guitars. The NF3 and Brent have Korina bodies, really unique pickup options and one of the best trems I have ever encountered. The DC3 is more of a strat clone but fantastic in its own right. The necks are fantastic, and the guitars stay in tune nearly as well as my carbon acoustics. PRS has been making strat type guitars since at least 2010. I saw Eric Clapton in NYC a few years ago and John Mayer was playing a PRS NF3 with him on Pretending.

Iíve owned several PRS guitars from the SE, S2, and core lines and have always been impressed with the quality and sound. They havenít all been keepers but a few, like the NF3 and DGT really are.
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