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Originally Posted by Dru Edwards View Post
I think most players, whether they are a fan of PRS or not, would state that PRS has the most consistent quality assurance among Gibson/Fender/PRS. What I mean by that is you're less likely to pull a PRS off the wall and notice detail imperfections (i.e. binding imperfections).

On another note, I bought this book last year and it's a great read.

True but let's not forget the size difference in the companies. PRS guitars are still fairly small in production when compared to Gibson and Fender. A custom order PRS takes over a year to arrive. Even when a store puts an order in for models that PRS makes a lot of, they wait 6-8 months for them to arrive (this info is all from one of the largest PRS dealers in Canada). I will say this though, Fender guitars are pretty consistent. Gibson has issues but I don't usually pick up a Fender and notice problems.
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