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Originally Posted by rwmct View Post
More power to them. But why make a "Strat style"??? They should do their own thing. They have their own body shapes in the past.

Strats are made by Fender. If Fender did not make it, it is not a Strat.
Pretty simple : the reasons to make a " Strat style" are the same reasons as all the other makers who offer a "Strat style " guitar "Because they can"... Because many people like them , because many people are after tone not name, are not chained to a brand name, and do not care if the name on the headstock is Fender or not .... And the biggest reason, "because they sell", and in the case of the PRS Silver Sky, they sell as fast as they can make them. And BTW they already "Do their own thing " the Silver Sky is only one model among many ... So I guess the simple answer is really a question. Why not ?
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