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Originally Posted by j. Kinnaird View Post
I'm loving the firewood. It looks great with the black limba
Thank you bro, hopefully you’ll see this at B.I.G.

Originally Posted by Tim McKnight View Post
Nice simple but elegant rosette guys. ...
Thanks Tim, always nice to have you drop by.

Originally Posted by Carpinteria View Post
Very pretty! ...Dave
My thanks, Dave.

Originally Posted by John Osthoff View Post
Nice work you guys. The leopard wood is cool. Great work all around.

I think I have some of the Black Limba in my pile somewhere. I haven't tried it yet. Very beautiful wood. Love Wenge too.

I hope I can catch up with Steve and Ryan soon.
You too, John, thanks amigo. Will you be coming to Woodstock this year? Hopefully it will actually occur, and we can catch up! And yes, Black Limba is a fine timber. If you like mahogany, you’ll enjoy working with BL.
Thanks again guys,


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