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I can't speak to why that exact model doesn't have a truss rod. I'm fairly certain that it 's more of an exception than the rule when it comes to Cordoba.

Cordoba offers several really nice guitars that retail for over $6000 like this Torres limited which has a dual truss rod

My Cordoba C-12 with elevated Fret board has a MSRP of around $2600 has a truss rod.

We'll just have to agree to disagree about the virtues of classical guitars having truss rods


Originally Posted by charles Tauber View Post

I'm not really familiar with the Cordoba line of guitars and have not played one. So, I went to their website.

First on their list is their high-end "Friederich", about $4k. It's detailed spec states, "truss rod N/A".

Next is their "Esteso", about $2500. It's spec states that it has a dual action truss rod. Their "C5", about $500 also does.

It's curious that their highest-priced model, designed by "Daniel Friederich... influenced by the legendary French luthier Robert of the most respected and influential luthiers in the world", has no truss rod.

Yes, those are both mechanisms for stiffening a neck. Some notable makers use those mechanisms and on some fine guitars. In my opinion, and that of some other luthiers, they aren't necessary. Regardless, both add less weight than a steel adjustable truss rod.
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