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My opinion probably stinks as much as yours does regarding truss rods.

But going by the luthier's comments on the Delcamp forum, the so called added weight of truss rods is now considered a non issue.

Most also agree that any weight added is insignificant to a guitars performance or string sustain.

Having said all that; if you are that adverse to having truss rods in classical guitars;

Don't look at any Cordoba, LaPatrie, Kenny Hill, Takamine, most Yamaha's & Alvarez, and a host of other manufacturers classical guitars.

Don't forget that a lot of classical guitars have non adjustable carbon fiber rods embedded in their necks that you won't see.

Then comes the ebony strips on the backs of necks to stabilize necks.

Both of them are a form of non adjustable truss rods.

Good luck with your search

I'll happily keep playing mine and using the truss rods to adjust the neck relief after seasonal changes here in New England.

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