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I own a C9, which I think is similar enough to have an opinion.

After the initial setup, I have not adjusted my truss rod. It's my opinion that truss rods add stability to the neck, and provides slight adjustability when the environment is so harsh on the guitar that the metal rods can't keep the neck in place by themselves (that is to say without some human adjustment).

I'd only consider a non-truss rod design as a collector's item, or if it were made out of an alternative material that was resistant to humidity and temperature issues (no shrinking or swelling and no thermal expansion).

It should be said that I religiously put my wood guitars in a humidified room (set to 45-50 RH), and the temperature of the room stays between 68 and 80 F all year round. It is outside of that room maybe 40 hours a week for my practice and studies, otherwise it stays nice and comfy in there.
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