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Originally Posted by Brucebubs View Post
I really like the TI's in that recording - clear and beautifully played Barry.

I believe John Pearse's original concept with these strings was to give a more steel string guitar sound on a nylon string guitar.

TI dropped the idea for some time but when they eventually decided to go into production they named them after John Pearse as a tribute.
Thanks Bruce.

I'm glad to see you back here Bruce. You had all of us worried.

Originally Posted by FrankHS View Post
I didnt know about a nylon-wrapped string being .016", so checked the Tomastik-Infeld website, and they say "nylon wrap, rope core" for the trebles for that set. So what material is the rope?
Frank, their website indicates the 1st string is a steel core, but just a rope core for the other two trebles.

I'm not really into these strings as they are now, maybe the trebles will mellow a bit over time.

I think I prefer nylon trebles, but I'm going to try medium tension next time around.

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