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Default Thomastik-Infeld John Pearse Folk vs traditional Saverz nylon

Here's a pseudo comparison. I can't remember if I recorded the 1st clip with my Zoom H5, but I probably did. The 2nd clip is with the Zoom H5, right in front of the sound hole. My Cordoba C5 is what it is. There's that inherent plunky sound to the trebles. I'm curious if there is less of it with normal tension. Any thoughts?

Both clips are CGDGCD, capo 3. The first clip is cleaned up with reverb and a tweak to stereo field. The second is just clipped at the front and end for misc. movement noises. The gain on the second clip is higher so watch your sound levels headphone wearers

Savarez Cristal Corum in High Tension 500CJ

The Thomastik-Infeld strings are right next to the steel string sound to my ears. The trebles are nylon wound around a steel core. Its a sort of zingy sound. I prefer the sound of full nylon, (but without that plunkiness)

Thomastik-Infeld John Pearse Folk 16 24 25 30 35 43 wound, treble wounds:


Citi Na gCumann [arr. William Coulter]:

Celtic Playlist


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