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HOLD THE PHONE...............

So, as reported above I was on the road when the drowned box arrived which contained, I thought, the LAVA ME as that one showed on US soil........ And lovely wife took it out and reported the damage stopped at the case.... Which sort of confused me as I didn't think the LAVA came in a case. And, I was sort of wondering why Bongo got through and I didn't.

But imagine my surprise when I walked through the door and there she was.... the X-30. The hard case earned it's keep and then some after Customs and/or the postal service tried their best to kill the guitar throwing it in Jamaica Bay.....

In fact.... the tracking number STILL shows "Label created, not yet in system...." WTFiber?

SOOOO...... I could type more, but I have to play it for a little bit.... like four hours or so. The first 10 minutes were heavenly. What a sound.

Pictures later too!

Now, where the hell is my LAVA ME 2.......
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