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Originally Posted by Dru Edwards View Post
Yea. Patriots/Bills isn't going to be as easy as all those other years.

Is Brady banged up as much as I've read? In the past 4 games he's been terrible. He doesn't have the support from his wide receivers (dropped passes, missed routes) but he's always been able to still be very effective in those situations. In those 4 games he has the lowest completion percentage and QBR of any QB that has played in all those 4 games.
Brady is banged up more often than people think, he just never tells anyone about it. I remember about 5 years or so, give a take a year or two, he was a little off at the end of the year but no one really noticed. Then, he had surgery on his foot just after the year ended without really telling anyone. He also had cracked ribs a few years ago he played through without anyone knowing.

Originally Posted by Neil K Walk View Post
Personally, I'm enjoying the parity in the AFC. Too bad for Tom, but he's had his turn hoisting the Lombardi. Several times. Time for new blood - and no, I don't expect that there will be a parade in Pittsburgh. We've got our own problems.

Still, it would be nice to see the Bills get home field advantage throughout the playoffs. They're due. As for the parade, I have a feeling it may be in Baltimore this coming February.

Let's not wish the rest of the season away though, shall we? The Steelers are heading to the Meadowlands to pay Leveon Bells and a visit to the New Jersey J-E-T-S (Just End The Season.)
It would be nearly impossible for the Bills to get home field throughout the playoffs this year. That is basically owned by the Ravens.
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