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In my experience, the Advanced Jumbo is a far more musically versatile guitar than the Hummingbirds typically are. I don't normally use my AJ for flatpicking fiddle tunes - although it's nice to have the option, should I suddenly develop a compelling urge to start doing that. I'm essentially a rhythm guitarist, and fingerpick some and play a few lead lines and intros here and there.

The AJ handles all of it.

If you like the sound of the AJ better, which you wrote you did, the more you play it the richer and lusher sounding it will become. The AJ will also project far better than the Hummingbird will in any group situation, whether it's in a Worship & Praise group with other players of various skill levels thrashing away in an undisciplined way, or in a bluegrass jam session where you can, yes, flatpick fiddle tunes.

I like using it for rock and roll music, as well. It can and does handle any kind of music I throw at it.

So while I realize that we're not actually voting here (not a single person asked to see my voter registration card or picture ID!) but - personally - I think you'll be a lot better off if you hang onto the AJ. It'll only get better the more you play it.

Hope that makes sense.

Wade Hampton Miller
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