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Default 2018 Advanced Jumbo RI or 2018 Hummingbird

Greetings all,

I just joined this great forum.

I am in a bit of a decision-making dilemma and was hoping for feedback/advice/opinion. I also posted this in the Gibson Forum but am also doing so here for varied opinion.

I recently purchased a 2018 Advanced Jumbo RI and a 2018 Hummingbird from the same dealer. He was nice enough to tell me to try both and return one. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to keep both. Therein lies my dilemma! I love them both, theyíre just different.

The AJ is powerful, loud, raw and has more sustain. It also finger picks well. It is a beautiful vintage sunburst. I like the look of it better than the Bird.

The Bird is more mellow, softer, but its voice is richer and more enchanting (to me at least). It is short scale so a little easier to play. The Bird also has a LL Baggs Element VTC pickup which I donít see myself using. It is colored in a heritage cherry burst which isnít my favorite (maybe the color will grow on me?)

By way of background, I am no pro or performer. I will not quit my day job LoL. I just jam (and record) in my studio with some buddies, one of which is a very light handed drummer. A lot of times I will simply play and sing to/with my children and buddies. I play lots of Beatles, Johnny Cash, CCR, John Denver, Neil Young, Stones, Zeppelin, Simon and Garfunkel and some more modern rock.

Also by way of background, I have (and still love) a 2015 Martin D18 which has been my go-to acoustic since 2015. I recently got the itch for a Gibson sounding acoustic and hence the acquisition of the AJ and Bird. I also have a Fender Strat and a Godin 5th Avenue arch top.

So...I love both the AJ and the Bird for the different reasons listed above. I cannot decide which to keep, and unfortunately cannot keep both. I know that the guitar has to speak to me, but the problem is that they both do! If you were me, which one would you keep, AJ or Bird?

Thanks in advance.
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