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I know this has been brought up a million times....but WHY didn't TCH include a guitar thru on the Play Acoustic???

But even if I choose to go through the Guitar DI Output like you suggest
and turn off all the guitar effects, it's still coloring the sound. It's not a clean thru signal.

I noticed there is a setting on the Play Acoustic's BodyRez settings called "flat eq". I wonder if that's the same as setting the Body Rez to zero? I'll have to try that setting and see what it does.

And yes you are right....the GXT pedal would be a cleaner solution if I didn't already have the Play Acoustic. Maybe I will put it up for sale? I really only use it for harmonies anyway. I am wanting a simpler setup with easy to adjust knobs for on the fly tweaking. The PA is great but I don't like all the deep diving into menus that these "all in one" pedals all have. Think I would prefer a simpler pedal board with just 3-5 pedals that are easy to tweak.

Originally Posted by Captain Jim View Post
You can use the Guitar DI output to go to your guitar effects chain (XLR to 1/4"). That way, the guitar is feeding the harmony cues, but you can choose what effects (if any) are provided by the Play Acoustic.

An easier and less expensive solution would be the TC Electronics Gxt pedal - it gives you the harmonies, but there is a Guitar Through output where the guitar is not affected at all by the pedal, just being used to cue the harmonies.

If you feel the need to split the signal before the Play Acoustic, you can use an A/B/Y pedal, but that seems like extra complication.
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