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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
How exactly do you do that? I would like to just route the vocals from the Play Acoustic to my powered speaker and the the guitar signal will come from a guitar effects unit. I like the idea of totally separate signals from the guitar and vocals, but the Play Acoustic needs a guitar signal to track harmonies. I have to split the signal before it hits the Play Acoustic though so I get a second signal going to my guitar effects chain.
You can use the Guitar DI output to go to your guitar effects chain (XLR to 1/4"). That way, the guitar is feeding the harmony cues, but you can choose what effects (if any) are provided by the Play Acoustic.

An easier and less expensive solution would be the TC Electronics Gxt pedal - it gives you the harmonies, but there is a Guitar Through output where the guitar is not affected at all by the pedal, just being used to cue the harmonies.

If you feel the need to split the signal before the Play Acoustic, you can use an A/B/Y pedal, but that seems like extra complication.
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