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Originally Posted by martingitdave View Post
Jake, I can't remember if we discussed this, but the output from the Play Acoustic is two balanced XLR connections. The mic should go into your mic channel and the guitar could go into either of the line inputs on the sub. This will give you independent guitar and mic volume control on the speaker. The XLR to 1/4" adaptor will cause an impedance mismatch and negate any benefit of a balanced signal. You'll need to keep the mic gain on the PA pedal low-ish and the level on the mic channel low to avoid clipping. You'll have two preamp stages in series, which is fine with the right gain staging. There is a mixer control menu, and guitar digital gain setting, in the pedal to help get the levels and gain correct. Have fun!
I have TCH into a Maui 5 too. I currently have the TCH set to stereo, and i have both mic and guitar into the line inputs on the sub. It sounds ok, but the volume level for each now needs be controlled on the TCH. Problem is, i do not see a level for the mic (separate from the gain knob). There is a separate level for the guitar, but not for the mic. Am i missing something? The only thing i see for the mic is a low/ high boost, but not a level setting. So, i was thinking of taking your advice above, and putting the mic to the mic channel on the Maui 5 instead and leaving he guitar in the line input. This will help with independent control for volume, but how should i then set the output on the TCH (stereo, mono, or other?). Thank you in advance! Jim
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