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Brand             JBL                       Bose            Fishman        Laney
Model name        eon one compact           S1 pro          Mini charge    AH4x4
Listprice         $549                      $599            $499           -
Weight            17.6 lbs                  15.5 lbs        21.2 lbs       14.3 lbs
Weight            8 Kg                      7 Kg            9.6 Kg         6.5 Kg
SPL/sensitivity   -                         -               -              97dB/W/m
maxSPL            112dB                     109dB           108dB          117dB
Power             120w                      103dB           60Wrms         35Wrms
XLR               2 combos                  2 combos                       2 combos
InstInput         1 Hi-Z                    2 combos                       2 combos
MonoLines         stereo                    stereo ste      stereo         2+stereo
Bluetooth         yes                       yes             yes            yes
XLRgain /sensitiv gain pots                 49dB            gain pots      -40dBu
Jackgain /sensiti gain pots                 42dB            gain pots      -20dBu
EQ                Bass, Treble,+8-band Mast 2 bands         3 bands        -
TiltedPosition    Yes                       Yes               ?            With gigbag
Polemount         Yes                       Yes int         No             Yes
Woofer            8"                        6.5"            6.5" paper     -
Tweeter           1"                        -               1" soft dome   3" silk neoD
Midrangespeakers  -                         3x2.25"         -              4x4"
Batteryvoltage    14.8v                     25v             12v            12v
Batterytechnology Li-ion                    Li-ion          Lead acid      Li-ion
ACpowersupply     standard IEC              standard IEC    12VDC external 12V DC ext.
Bandwidth         37.5 Hz-20kHz             70Hz-16kHz      80Hz -20kHz    70Hz -20kHz 
DI out            Jack                      jack            XLR            jack
FX                yes                       yes             yes            yes
Master volume     yes                       -               yes            yes
Anti feedback     no but 8-band Master EQ   -               -              yes
Sub out           No                        -               -              yes
Phantom power     yes                       No              No             yes
Extra             USB ports+Headph.
The only question left is:
"Is the JBL eon one compact less loud when performing on batteries?"

... Which basically can be translated to: Is there a step-converter to enable higher voltage like the boost output of the Bose battery to let the JBL work at full-power when battery operated?

AeroUSA: We need a Bose S1 pro vs JBL eon one compact video!!

For those who like unboxing videos:
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