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In two weeks we'll begin seeing a few new customers attending the McJam. I have put a mini schedule together so there will be a few organized minutes. Rodger has double checked my plan. The music will float from this corner to that throughout the weekend. Tim's work bench will be appreciated by a few. The CNC will be seen and explained on Friday and then a session will complete the project on Saturday. Although the hoses has been moved to exhaust noise to the attic earplugs are available so be sure to ask if you desire them. I imagine Cigarfan and Cafeguy will be the right hand men and also make sure music stays in the air. Folks are welcome to bring food and door prizes of any kind. Cooks will volunteer to cook. Nancy, Kurt and Julie will be around to help me wing what is wingable and it always works out well.

Until then I am the pressure washing queen. Birds will always enjoy our fence far too much. Neighbors already gave double takes when the odd neighbor lady was outside pressure washing the sidewalks and concrete driveway. Though McJammers won't even notice at least I know it's clean and Tim has learned to tolerate this quirk in me very well ... or not.

We will see you in 2 weeks!

🐟 ... make a joyful noise ...

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