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* I'm a Tak guy and have played and owned several of their MIJ models from most all of their Series: Limited, Signature, Legacy, Natural and Pro... but this model has eluded me because it's rare as originally the EF75M was introduced in 2005 with a limited run of around 80 units. Lance Allen, one of my fav guitarist and acquaintance has #26 and has recorded with and has several videos with it...I believe it's his fav. A few of my Tak Forum and Tak FB member friends have this model and rave about it. Sooooooo FFWRD...

** Due to it's popularity they reintroduced this model in the Limited Series with Madi b/s (vs the original Braz) and a Torrified top. It has 45mm bone nut and split bone saddle with the Palathetic pup and TLD-2 Line Driver preamp. Oh how I would love to get my hands on the original with Braz b/s, however, I would dig the Madi TT version too. So if you can demo it, I would certainly take that opportunity to do so!

*** Here's Lance with his original:

...and here is the comparison to the new or re-introduced model:

These are gorgeous guitars sonically and visually! Hope this helps, best wishes and enjoy!

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