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I think it sounds like a lovely idea and look forward to reading it if it is written.

I can attest it is a monumental task. Right now, for my book on Emerald, I have interviewed dozens of people (Alistair, nearly all his staff with at least one or two more with him and one with his wife to come), multiple musicians (including Steve Vai, Wang Leehom (dragon guitar owner), Dennis Lau (phoenix violin owner), Kevin Kastning (36 string guitar owner) Thomas Nordegg, and Chris Dignam, plus dozens of other Emerald owners, artists that painted his guitars in Tibet and Ireland, etc. I’ve spent literally hundreds of hours on research so far. And I’m still not done.

I hope to start outlining and writing soon, then still have to complete the layout for the coffee table book and edit it. Best case scenario would be to have a draft for Alistair to review in July. But I am fortunate enough to be able to drop everything and focus only on this. I can’t imagine doing this with a regular day job. My mom and I are on a cruise right now and I ended up taking all my research with me, and am editing it here on this trip. It is a LOT of work to do a biography or nonfiction book.

Now I should note, I am having to self publish this and don’t expect to make much money off it. It truly is a labor of love. I’ve done this twice before for books about ukulele companies and they sold more than I expected but were still pocket money, not real money.

But all that said, I still like the idea of reading the one you proposed Evan.
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Building Stories, One Guitar at a Time: The Story of Emerald Guitars

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