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Ah, Evan, I know you have written some books. I have written a couple and edited a bunch more. Trying to compile the information from a bunch of different manufacturers, and get releases for photos and copy from so many different sources, and then add in info from folks on this forum... a lot of work for not a lot of potential return.

Not to seem contrary, but no major publisher is going to be interested in a producing what will be an expensive book without a wide general audience. So, you are looking at self-publishing... color images (expensive)... waiting to get copy from a bunch of different sources, then getting the OK from all those sources for the necessary editing. The coordination of all this would take an incredible amount of time.

Maybe you can get manufacturers to chip in something, but they are in business to sell their instruments; advertising is one thing, but you are going to be hard-pressed to convince one manufacturer to pony up bucks for a project that also showcases other builders.

I appreciate what Wicked (Staci) is doing with her in-process work about Emerald... now, multiply that times a dozen or more and the never-ending amount of content to wade through on the internet. Hooo-boy - I think this would be a good project for you, instead of volunteering someone else.

Many of us here are enthusiastic about carbon fiber guitars. But, how many would go to the point of giving up a year's worth of time and effort to compile this? Or, willing to fund (it's a "Go Fund Me") a good, patient editor to do that?

Now that I've told you why most wouldn't take on this challenge, this is your chance to go for it! (Crowd chanting: Evan! Evan! Evan!)

Thirty or so years ago, I had a friend contact me saying that he had a friend who has "an amazing guitar collection". We owned a photography studio at the time; my friend wanted to know if I would travel nearly 1,000 miles, set up lighting/background/props on location (because his friend didn't want the guitars to leave his home) and "do what you have to do to make the photos for a coffee table book." At that time, it meant shooting 4x5 or larger color transparencies and making 4-color separations. Coordinating with a printer/publisher to get the book printed on quality stock.

I said, "So you want me to give you a price on what this would cost?"

"Ummm, no, I thought you'd like to do it for 'the exposure'."

I already owned one of the largest studios in the state, had high end portrait clients, and a Rolodex of commercial clients. We were generally booked 6 to 8 weeks out.

I had to politely decline his offer.

This was at a time (1988-ish) when "the internet" was mostly Compuserve, and digital color imaging didn't exist. Go Fund Me (let someone else pay for it) didn't exist. Should be a snap now - you go, Evan!!
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