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Originally Posted by KevWind View Post
Yes that was what I was suggesting ...

I believe sdelsolray was saying the other way around.
But that is because I was only talking about a recording position (since you did not mention mixing)

Where sdelsolray was talking about setting up a combination recording and mixing situation in a single location in the room , where you would want to be mixing facing the short wall (20') and you would then simply turn your chair around to record and face out into the room. Which is a good suggestion for a single spot for both and this is in fact the way I do it . But like he said you then probably want some more panels so you could have at least two or three also out in room between your recording position now (turned around) and the other short wall in your wife's office . And in a mixing situation like in Ricks photo it would also be beneficial to have some on the ceiling above the mix position .

I hope this is now more clear

I am guessing from "I am not able to move my desk" you are saying you will be mixing in some other location ??
Okay.. This makes perfect sense now.

Yes.. I will only be recording in this space and not mixing...

I am still experimenting tonight.. But things sound much better. I can actually hear some solid bottom end out of my J-45.. the highs are not ice picks either!
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