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Your Maui5 is similar to the BoseL1c I use. I go first into a Fishman LBM (2 channels, one guitar, one mic), then run a direct line out from that to the L1c.

I had been using the TCH Gxt for years, and you can run one line out; with that, it was into the mic channel on the PA (prior to adding the LBM). I do use the XLR to 1/4" with the Play Acoustic, so you have it correct.

I added the Fishman Loudbox, thinking it might be good for a really small situation, but found I had more EQ running into that first, then to the Bose - it was less expensive than the T1 Tonematch and gave me another small amp to boot. Just putting that out for an option instead of a typical mixer.
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