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Default TC Helicon Play Acoustic to PA Question

I ordered a TCH Play Acoustic and be here tomorrow! Reading manual.... I know I'm a geek!

What is the easiest and best sounding way ....
to connect the outputs of the TC Helicon Play Acoustic to my Maui 5 PA?

I want to use both Guitar and Mic outputs of the Play...

I guess my question is:

DO I plug both R and L outputs of the Play into the MIC and GUITAR inputs on top panel of Maui5? ... The Play only has XLR outs.. IF SO ... I would need to get a XLR to 1/4" cable to plug guitar into the Maui5,

OR .. DO I just go into the inputs on back of Maui5?

Lastly, the Maui5 has some built-in EQ and compression stuff...
I am wondering if it Will "mess" with the Play's output and sound weird?

"An automatic multi-band EQ processes the entire frequency range and optimizes the system sound. An automatic compressor is activated to increase the bass at lower volumes and create a more powerful sound. As the volume increases, the bass boost automatically reduces. "


Photos of maui 5

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