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Good to have you in the room. I am standing at the door, holding back any escape.

Previously, we had someone from PV walking us through the transition from CA to PV, and he was good. And he was right, my CA/PV Cargo was a much nicer instrument then my first Cargo.

So now, here we are. PV has purchased an incredibly innovative instrument company, and has refined the instruments to a high level of quality. But CA/PV is also way behind the other composite guitar makers.

So far, PV has pursued the models developed by CA. But that approach does not advance development. The one CA guitar that has not yet been refined by PV is the electric guitar. I know that the CA Blade is the about the only CF electric guitar, and that there might be some inclination to renovate the Blade. I think this is a chance for CA to weigh in on a new composite guitar, one developed by PV.

That's just one thought. My primary press with composite guitars has been nylon strung instruments. The classical nylon string guitar is the product of 500 years of R&D. Rainsong, Blackbird, and Emerald have all weighed in on acoustic nylon string guitars. CA/PV is the only chicken left.

Anyway, it is nice to see you here. I look forward to the future of CA/PV.
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