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Default The horn ...

Originally Posted by Godfather View Post
True craftsmen! If I were responsible for any of these intricate operations, I would soil myself in fear of making a mistake.
They are indeed true craftsmen! It has always astounded me to look at such perfect fit and finish and realize so much of that is accomplished freehand!

Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
There are so many cool things to watch during a build, but even though I did not get a bevel on my latest Kinnaird, I think watching the way they do theirs is one of my favorite parts of the build. They start out with this huge rasp to start the contour and end up with a finger nail file, I mean really....

It is really starting to get pretty now Dennis. I am loving it. T
I'm getting giddy now!!!!!

Originally Posted by ukejon View Post
Beautiful. Really want to try a Kinnaird some day.
Turn about is fair play ... you got me started on Hatcher!

Originally Posted by Steve Kinnaird View Post
Thanks for the supportive comments, guys!

And thanks, ukejon, come to the Woodstock show in October and you can do just that.

So I guess that means I won't be visiting your shop in October! But maybe run into you at Woodstock?

Every part is expertly honed to accept the binding and purfling. Wonder who will draw the short straw on top purfling next week!

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