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Default Purflings and Bevels and End wedge and such ...

Originally Posted by Montesdad View Post
This is a stunning guitar Dennis - you're going to be a real happy man.

How do you keep yourself occupied and control your anticipation of moment you finally get this in your hands, string it up and listen to this new creation?
Is it sometimes difficult to sleep at night?

I'm thinking maybe one of those little flourishes on the heel cap - - -
(thought about maybe a matching license plate holder for your car?)
Appreciate your checking in Nic! Have to say, I'm pretty excited about this guitar. Sleeping hasn't been a problem but I do get the feeling of butterflies when I think of playing this little sweetheart!

Awesome pictures! Thank you Ryan!

Today we start with routing the top for the purfling and binding.

After cleaning up the channels, Steve draws out the bevel limits. Love the way the rosette looks in the background.

Then after rasping the bevel in at 45 degrees, a little sanding to smooth the cut.

There is no easy way except to hand file the top purfling channel.

And at the lower side of the bevel, Steve hand files the binding channel as well.

Space for the end wedge is routed out. The wedge is installed first in preparation for mitering with the Ebony binding material.

Gluing in the Ebony wedge with band clamps.

And here the end wedge is installed and ready to be mitered into the binding.

Really coming along!
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