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Default Thanks everyone ...

Originally Posted by Steve Kinnaird View Post
Thanks all for the kind remarks.
And yes, the Fourth is strong with this one.

Steve, I have to say, I agree with the sentiment here. You Kinnaird guys are knocking it out of the park here. Thanks for all you do!

Originally Posted by Riakstonic View Post
Wow beautiful ! I'm impressed by all the craftsmanship I've seen over the last year or so here ! Amazing ! Would love to hear this guitar in action
Thanks for joining us Riakstonic! Appreciate the kind words. I heard from TomB'sox and he is loving the tone of his new Kinnaird DB OM. I'm kind of anxious to hear this puppy myself!

Originally Posted by nootis View Post
Artful, ingenious and downright beautiful work fellas!!

A very nice collaboration indeed! Can't wait to see more.
Thanks nootis! Glad to have you following along. Lot's of interesting thing still in store on this one!
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