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John has been busy with a bunch of other projects so I don't have any new pictures to show right now. Maybe next week!

Meanwhile I've been busy going around to shops that carry his guitars here in central Texas, mostly so I can play a lot of models to get a feel for which neck profile I prefer, but also to compare his work to other makers. The two main locations, Hill Country Guitars in Wimberley and Heart's Home Acoustics in Boerne are both fantastic shops with many fine guitars. HCG specializes in Collings, whereas HHA emphasizes high end fingerstyle guitars from custom luthiers, most built with woods collected by the owner back in the '70's. Great places - check out the websites:

Anyhow, I've done lots of a/b comparisons now and don't regret choosing John Allison for my custom build at all. Most of the fingerstyle guitars - Petros, Simson, Charis, Fischer, Lowden - don't work nearly as well for my style (if you could call it that) of playing, and I've come to prefer the power and the cleaner tone of a traditional bluegrass-style guitar. At HHA, I liked most of John's guitars better than anything in the shop, though I was mightily impressed with Jeff Robertson's traditional dreads: easily the equal to the Rockbridges and Bourgeios hanging next to them. In fact, you should check out his website too - Jeff's a great guy:

Enough distraction: the real reason I started this note was to share a video of one of John's single 0's that has a burst similar to what I'm getting on mine. I think his single O's are killer guitars when they are 14-fret standard scale like this one, and I love the subtle burst on this one:
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